Technology Acquisition Management

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iLLÜM Advisors is a true 3rd party partner, leaving 100% of our focus on providing services while remaining agnostic to point solutions. This allows us to work with our client’s IT and executive teams to create technology acquisition plans and implement processes that lead to making informed technology decisions.

iLLÜM works with clients to develop and implement technology acquisition plans that are tailored to their businesses. The Technology Acquisition Plan is a documented process that outlines the steps and strategies for acquiring new technology for an organization.

iLLÜM Advisors Technology Acquisition and Management –

  • Solution Scoping – Clearly defined goals for the acquisition of new technology, such as improving efficiency, increasing productivity, or enhancing customer experience.
  • Budget Planning – iLLUM leadership assists clients with project budgeting and cost control by estimating the costs associated with the acquisition, including hardware, software, implementation, and training.
  • Vendor Management – iLLÜM works with the IT team to compile and track an ongoing list of incumbents and potential vendors who can provide the technology being sought, including products /services catalog and pricing.
  • Technology Evaluation – iLLÜM works with our client to define the criteria used to evaluate potential vendors and technology options, such as functionality, scalability, security, and integration with existing systems.
  • Implementation Plan – Dedicated iLLÜM IT Leadership works with our client’s existing IT teams, business stakeholders, and vendors on developing, implementing, and managing a project-based plan to integrate new technology into the organization, including training, testing, and deployment.
  • Maintenance Planning – iLLÜM works with IT teams to develop and adopt a plan for maintaining and updating the new technology over time, along with legacy infrastructure.

NO LONG-TERM COMMITMENTS – All services and software licensing are offered on a month-to-month basis and clients are billed for services consumed.

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