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A bit about us

iLLÜM was founded to serve organizations that need clear visibility in the areas of IT leadership, program management, and risk exposure. iLLÜM provides a concise understanding of how organizations can protect themselves without simply throwing money at the problem. 

iLLÜM helps organizations achieve the same efficiency and standardization goals for IT services that early innovators achieved with the concept of assembly lines. We reduce complexity and cost barriers through expert IT vision and leadership, security leadership, and agile program management architecture. iLLÜM offers these in a usage-based pricing service model that is easy to consume.

iLLÜM was founded to serve organizations

IT is complex

IT Speaks Klingon;
business leaders don’t
Business leaders need actionable insights expressed in business language
iLLÜM provides organizations on-demand visibility to make data-driven business decisions.

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