Protect Your Child’s Identity Today

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By Denise Schroeder and Tom Mershon

Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Dreams: Protect Your Child’s Identity Today

Ever thought about how the digital playground your child frolics in might be a hunting ground for identity thieves? It’s a startling reality that in the vast web of the internet, the innocent details of your child’s life can turn into golden tickets for fraudsters. With children’s Social Security numbers becoming a prime target, the need to armor up against identity theft is more crucial than ever.

Diving into the heart of protection, Heidi Mitchell helps unfold the layers of proactive measures, from the simple yet mighty credit freeze to the vigilant guarding of personal information. But it doesn’t stop there; we’re talking about a holistic shield that encompasses educating your kids on navigating the digital world safely and the importance of monitoring their digital footprints.

Here are some tips that can help safeguard your little one’s future.

Preventive Measures:

      • Credit Freeze: Essential first step to block unauthorized access to your child’s credit.

      • Guard Personal Info: Exercise caution when sharing your child’s Social Security number.

    Education & Awareness:

        • Digital Literacy: Teaching children about the digital world’s dangers and opportunities.

        • Open Conversations: Discuss online safety and the risks of oversharing.

        • Encourages creating a culture of security and privacy within the family.


          • Regular Checks: Keeping an eye on your child’s credit report for any suspicious activity.


        See the full article here: How to Protect Your Child Against Identity Theft – WSJ

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