Caught in the Net: How the 0ktapus Phishing Scam is Outsmarting MFA

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By: Denise Schroeder, CISO & Tom Mershon, Information Security Officer

So, have you heard about the latest cyber drama? It’s like something out of a tech thriller, but unfortunately, it’s all too real. Over 130 companies got tangled up in this massive phishing campaign that was clever enough to trick multi-factor authentication (MFA) – yeah, that thing we all thought was our digital knight in shining armor. Turns out, even the best of defenses have their weaknesses when cunning is at play. This whole saga has been dubbed the ‘0ktapus’ campaign by the smart folks who uncovered it, and it’s quite the story.

Now, imagine this hitting closer to home – like, your own backyard. These phishing pros didn’t just cast a wide net hoping for nibbles; they specifically targeted big fish like Twilio and Cloudflare. They sent out texts that led even the tech-savviest employees to fake Okta login pages, snagging those precious MFA codes. Over 9,931 accounts compromised across the globe. Makes you think, doesn’t it? If these tech giants can get hooked, how secure are we? It’s a real wake-up call for all of us, especially in how we educate our teams about cybersecurity. Sure, we’ve got MFA, but do our folks know the ins and outs of phishing attacks? It’s not just about having the right tools but knowing the tricks of the trade that could bypass them. Let’s not wait to become another catch. Time to step up our game and keep our digital seas safe from these phishing sharks.

See the full article here: Tentacles of ‘0ktapus’ Threat Group Victimize 130 Firms | Threatpost

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