Article: Strengthening cloud security in healthcare

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Great Article by Ed Williams in Healthcare Global

Excerpt:  The healthcare industry has always had the cards stacked against it when it comes to cyber security. Medical records are a popular prize for cyber criminals looking to make a quick profit on the dark web or launch more targeted attacks. Further, with lives potentially on the line, healthcare providers are painfully vulnerable to disruptive attacks like ransomware.

Pitiless criminals even ramped up their attacks during the disruption of the pandemic, with the end of 2020 seeing a global 45 percent increase in attacks on healthcare organisations.

Despite these challenges, the industry still needs to continue to develop and grow its digital capabilities, particularly when it comes to the cloud. While practitioners could not work remotely to the same extent as many other sectors, the flexibility of the cloud was a major advantage over the last year and will be increasingly important in the years to come.

So how can the healthcare sector continue its cloud migration without putting its infrastructure – and patients – at risk?

  • Managing cloud complexity
  • Beware third party threats
  • Compliance does not always mean security
  • Identifying security priorities
  • Taking action to reduce risk

Security measures such as penetration tests and MFA can be included in contracts as service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure compliance. While the healthcare sector faces an uphill struggle to stay secure in the face of mounting cyber threats, they can still enjoy the benefits of the cloud without exposing their patients to unnecessary risk. Focusing on the areas of greatest risk will enable any organisation to improve its defences without breaking the bank

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