Ahead of the Threat: Gartner’s Cybersecurity Trends for 2024

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Authors: By Clint Crigger and Paige Wigginton

The quickly evolving digital scene is rapidly being overtaken by growing threats that will leave many unprepared organizations exposed. To be fore warned is to be for armed.

Today’s business leaders recognize that they are underequipped to combat the daily tsunami of threats. Compounded by the knowledge that “human error remains a leading cause of cybersecurity incidents” IT leaders are left struggling for a sense of control over how to protect their organizations from their very own colleagues.

In this article, Ryan Uliss in National CIO Review, does a great job of highlighting a number of angles IT leaders can take to proactively remain one step ahead of the curve in protecting their organizations. To learn how to put these initiatives in place, schedule a conversation with iLLÜM Advisors today.

See the full article here: Ahead of the Threat: Gartner’s Cybersecurity Trends for 2024 – The National CIO Review

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